About VFA

Vermont Family Alliance was established as a means to distribute information to Vermonters regarding current and proposed policies and laws that infringe on parental rights, and to expose the potential harms that could occur when such policies and laws are made. Vermont Family Alliance believes parents have the right and responsibility to raise their children, and to protect them from exploitation to the absolute best of their abilities. And we firmly believe that the majority of Vermont parents do exactly that.

Vermont Family Alliance believes that parents are the best advocates for their children. Parents have a deeper understanding of their children as individuals and recognize that each situation requires individual decision-making based on the love and depth of knowledge parents have for their children. For this reason, we oppose policies and laws that circumvent or allow for the circumvention of parental involvement.

Vermont Family Alliance believes that the actions and policies of the Vermont government, including public schools, should not usurp the family structure or interfere with parental rights.

Vermont Family Alliance believes that the vast majority of Vermont families love and care for their children in a way that government and public schools can never do.

We recognize that there are numerous state programs and legal options available for those families who need intervention.


Fighting for Our Families in Vermont



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